Digital Farmer’s Market

This project is bringing a culture old concept to the 21st century

The Digital Farmer’s Market project is initiated by a group of students from the University of Copenhagen with an aim to connect the urban farm network to students. Their key goal is to promote current and future physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The forum builds a connection between youth with urban farming communities to promote products, collaborations and sustainable living at all levels. The digital community helps to serve as a stage to anchor events, conversations and promotion of the green agenda.

The idea in the initial stages includes

  • A digital website as the key channel for communication and directory of digital farms including events, webinars and community engagement events
  • Volunteer opportunities for students across different backgrounds
  • Talks and motivational address by community warriors of change and shift towards the concept of urban farming and need for youth agenda

Current website:

Currently the project group is looking to onboard new urban farmers in and around Copenhagen and develop innovative collaboration and partnerships to engage students and support farmers in digitizing their channels. The project group is looking for new core team members to support sales & marketing, operations and volunteer management as well as influence the idea based on common understanding and goals. Currently they aim to build a volunteer  team that can help building out further stages and shape the future of the company.

If you would like to get to know the people behind, don’t hesistate and send them an email or connect on LinkedIn.

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