Indlæser Begivenheder

The Sustainability Stage is a integrated part of the KU Festival and gives you the opportunity to
– meet some of KU’s green organizations
– listen to inspiring talks
– participate in a quiz
– get free cake
– taste delicious cider
– Bæredygtighed2030
– Oasen Cider
– Vild Campus
– Actory
– Veganske Studerende

Morten Scheibye-Knudsen
Understanding Aging and the Quest for Interventions
Stimulus Express
2 minitalks & dialogue with audience
Sustainability Science Centre
Frank Sejersen
Why is transition in the food system so slow?
Green Solutions Centre
Learn more about KU Festival & the Sustainability Stage here:
KU Festival is for free – for all KU students and staff.
We look forward to seeing you!

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