The project is about recycling instead of throwing things out. The purpose of the project is to create a space on campus where students can give what they have – take what they can use.

About the idea

“Rodebutikken” is the Faculty of Social Science’s very own volunteer-run exchange station with recycling in focus.

In the Rodebutik, students can hand in things they no longer use, and perhaps find something they can enjoy themselves. It could be, among other things, study books, clothes or kitchen utensils. This will make it easy for students to reuse in everyday life.

Sustainability and community

Recycling is the most sustainable form of consumption as it does not require the addition of new resources, but instead gives new life to old things that are too good to be thrown away and can be used again.

In addition to providing students with a practical recycling solution on campus, Rodebutikken will also be a social space where students can meet their fellow students over a cup of coffee and learn about sustainability and circular economy.

Join the team

Does this sound like a project for you? Rodebutikken needs more volunteers and holds a non-binding intro meeting Wednesday, February 15th, 17-19.

Would you like to donate a little time and become a part of the Rodebutikken team? Sign up for the intro meeting HERE.

We could use some more volunteers and will hold an info meeting soon. Would you like to help at Rodebutikken and become a part of the team? Send us an email. And fill out our doodle for info meeting dates HERE.

Any questions? Get in touch at

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