Collection & use of rainwater

The following project has been proposed by Pometet. If you are interested in working on this project, send an email to

What is the challenge about?
At Pometet in Taastrup, we have a large barn of about 250 m2 right up to some areas, where we, among other things. grow vegetables. What does it take for us to collect and use water from the roof in our vegetable production?

What is the motivation for this proposal
The motivation for starting this project is primarily to utilize a resource, but to that extent also to demonstrate how to solve the problems of “too much water in the wrong places” and turn the problem into an asset.

Therefore, it is also possible to work with dissemination around the solution, so that others can benefit from it as well.

What is the relationship of the proposal to sustainability challenges?
In these times when the climate is changing, we see more extreme weather conditions with a lot of rain or a lot of drought. Therefore, we must adapt so that we do not have to spend unnecessarily much energy and resources on fighting it, but instead use the opportunities and resources that come with it.

Is the proposal intended for cooperation with a third party?
Pometet is intended as a partner. It may also be possible to get in touch with some water researchers from the University of Copenhagen if there is a need for extra knowledge.

Inspirational material
See evt.

See evt.


About Pometet

Pometet in Taastrup, just outside KBH, work mainly with preserving old fruit and berry varieties. In addition, they work with sustainable food cultivation systems such as. Urban Farming and Forest Gardens.