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Interdisciplinary teamwork
for sustainable change

Actory – Space for sustainable ideas, small and large innovations and committed students

Actory stands for action. Everyone can contribute. Here and now.

Actory is a place for sustainable commitment: a playground, a workshop, a lab and a community for students who want to create sustainable change in the real world – both in the short and the long run. Through Actory, students are invited to co-create, initiate and carry out sustainability activities on an interdisciplinary basis. Actory was established by the University of Copenhagen and Studenterhuset.

You can join Actory in different ways – when it suits you. Come by one evening for an event, participate in one of our case challenges, get professional feedback on an ongoing project, cook delicious vegan food with us and much more.

Why join?

Are you interested in sustainable solutions? Do you want to get training experience with innovation processes? And do you want to be a part of a community of committed students?

  • By joining Actory, you test and expand your skills in problem mapping, idea generation, idea implementation and project management.
  • You meet new people and you are included in small groups of interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • You get to translate your competencies into practice, get new experience for your CV and expand your network
  • By joining Actory, you get access to exciting lectures, workshops, etc. and receive specific tools.
  • And the last but not least: A lot of great experiences with the other fellow students!


Actory is a place we create together

We do not expect you already to have an idea for a project or any specific level of experience or competence. We consider interdisciplinary collaboration as a strength, and students from all fields of study are more than welcome! Actory is for all students. Actory collaborates with companies, public organizations and NGOs and we work with real issues that make an actual difference.

actory sustainability

Actory is for everyone. You can participate in different ways. When it suits you.

Actory Events


Actory continuously hosts inspiring events, workshops, presentations and debates on sustainability. Everyone is welcome – take a look at the options.

Actory Case Challenge

Case Challenges

Participate in Actorys case challenges, where students come together and solve sustainable challenges on a tight schedule.

Actory 4 måneders forløb

Green Career Team

Actory regularly hosts inspiring events with a focus on sustainability. Want to contribute? If you’re interested in a career path in sustainability, join our new career initiative.

Actory Projektsparring

Project sparring

Already working on a project – or do you have a sustainable idea – but need help to develop it? We can support you in multiple ways. Learn more about what we can do here.

Project catalogue – latest projects

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