Scalable recycling of textiles

This challenge oroginates from ‘Tekstilrevolutionen’. If you are interested in working on the project, contact us at

What is the proposal about?

The topic is about dinding scalable methods for recycling and circulating textiles. In Denmark we’re moving towards source-sorted textiles (as we know them with organic waste, glass and metal), but there is a lack of buyers and opportunities to recycle the textiles that will be collected. So how can one recycle textiles for new products on a larger scale?

What is the motivation for this proposal?

Here you have the opportunity to work creatively, find new solutions and perhaps develop a product or concept out of recycled textiles or explore existing solutions and work on how they can be scaled. At the same time, there is room here to think big about a solution that not only works at home, but which in the long run may work for a company.

What is the relationship between the proposal and sustainability challenges?

By reducing the need for newly produced textiles, one can alleviate challenges with fresh water consumption and chemical pollution in the textile-producing countries. At the same time, it can help reduce resource drafts.

Is the proposal intended for cooperation with a third party?

The proposal is made by ‘Tekstilrevolutinen’ and there is a possible collaboration here.

Inspirational material

This Ted Talk sheds light on the initial challenge and proposes 3 possible solutions: 3 creative ways to fix fashion’s waste problem

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