In the Loop

This project is an interactive platform which aims to map sustainable initiatives around the city and gain knowledge about the circular fashion industry.

About the Idea

In the Loop will showcase businesses committed to sustainability, and the circular business model, with their interactive map. They will partner with local sustainable fashion initiatives, stores, and organizations throughout the city and showcase them to a larger audience. They believe in discovering alternatives to reducing consumption and waste through collaboration and innovation.

Who are they looking for?

In the Loop is looking for partners who practice circular business methods and contribute to sustainability within the fashion industry. While it is important that the initiatives are sustainable, their goal is also to ensure that they take a holistic approach by incorporating ethical and equitable standards. Lastly, the project group wants to ensure that collaboarting businesses fall within the framework of the UNSDGs.

Collaboration and Community

In addition to the map, In the Loop will include a series of blogs to talk about circular economy. The blog page will create a community for consumers who seek alternative methods within the fashion industry. It will provide insights about the businesses, opinion pieces, short stories, etc.

Become a part of the journey

The project group behind In the Loop would love some more members. Are you interested insustainable fashion and want to make a difference? Get in touch.

Right now they are in need of a graphic designer who is passionate about the circular economy within the fashion industry to join the team. Your responsibilities include developing visual content for the platform (e.g. logo, graphics, webpage design, etc.).

Get in touch

Does this project sound like something that interests you? Please contact us if you would like to know more or become a part of the volunteer team!

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