Coordinating & running events

Do you want to plan fun, interesting and educational activities with other students who are also interested in sustainability? In Actory, we do many different activities for students – and you have the opportunity to be part of the community of volunteers who plan and hold them.

Actory is looking for new volunteers for the team

It can be anything from a talk, workshop, a company visit to a swap market, your imagination is the limit. And we need you!

You will be involved in the whole process: Together we brainstorm ideas for activities – we plan, market and execute. You will do all that in collaboration with other volunteers and Actory’s employees.

Why join?

  • You will be part of a great community
  • You will be in dialogue with exciting speakers, companies etc.
  • You learn a lot about project management, event planning, execution and not least sustainability
  • You will of course also receive a recommendation and the opportunity to use us as a reference

Practical information

We are flexible and plan together how many hours you can set aside, so that there is also time for the other things you need to achieve.
Everyone is welcome – whether you have experience in planning and running activities or knowledge of sustainability – you get there!

First, you will attend an intro meeting at Studenterhuset. Here the team will get to know each other and together get ideas for which themes and activities we should plan.
You will then be invited to 2 workshops, where we will develop the activities and you will learn about project planning, business contact/partnerships, event planning, etc. The workshops take place in the evening outside normal teaching hours.

In between, you meet in your team, where you coordinate and plan together. How often and when you meet is something you agree in the team, in periods it can be once a week, in other periods every other week.

Become part of the community

As part of the Actory, you are also part of Studenterhuset, and will therefore be invited into our large community of students from all over the world.

Any questions? Get in touch at

We look forward to your application!

Intro meeting at Studenterhuset, Monday February 13th, 17:30-18:30