Recycling by-products from beer production

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What is the topic about?

A sustainable solution for valorizing the used grains in a Brewery.
Brewing beer takes some resources that might not be used anymore afterwards (e.g. for creating 60L of beer you will need approx. 15kg of malt that you will have to throw away after using it). All of these used grains can be valorized in various fields. Food for animals, transform it into flour for baking bread or composting (even biomass considerations). The goal of this project is to bring a sustainable solution for this issue.

What is the motivation for the topic?

You get the opportunity to have fun while trying to solve a sustainable issue regarding beer. This topic will gather knowledge of chemistry, beer-making and process-optimization while also developing the eventual market estimation, project planning and business plan creation will be explored.

How does the suggestion relate to the sustainability challenges?

Food should not be wasted. There are plenty ways of limiting this waste by incorporating it in another system for valorization. The challenge will be to create a more sustainable behavior in the beer-making process regarding it’s grain waste.

Is the suggestion meant to involve a third part?

This challenge is thought as a cooperation with “Bicycle Brewing”. This gives you the opportunity to get direct insights and feedback from them.

Material you could use for inspiration

Bicycle Brewings homepage

Article: Sustainable Uses of Spent Grain