A fresh take on Copenhagen and sustainable tourism

Last weekend was all about sustainability for the 75 committed participants, mentors and judges of the Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge. The challenge was held for the very first time and is a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, the City of Copenhagen and Actory.

The topic of this case challenge was ‘Ideas for Sustainable Tourism’. A topic that is very current, seen in the light of the effect the pandemic has had on tourism. Covid-19 has put international tourism on hold and consequently sent the leisure economy into a major crisis. In the crisis, however, we have a unique opportunity to focus even more on the sustainable aspect once the leisure economy is to be restarted.

24 hours make a difference

Actory uses the format ‘case challenge’ to give students from different universities and fields of study a chance to meet and collaborate on solutions for sustainable development – in a compact format. The participants were put together in groups on Friday, where they also received the specific case descriptions. 24 hours later, they had to present their suggested solutions to the judging panel, who then selected the best ideas. Along the way, they received help and guidance from mentors who work on a daily basis with sustainability and tourism / experiences in relevant organizations.

The ideas of the different groups ranged widely – from treasure hunts and bike rides to recyclable coffee cups, a sustainability pass and to entertaining train trips. The judges were happy that the ideas were realistic and close to Copenhagen’s everyday life. Many of them will be picked up for further development.

Great interest in sustainability

Due to the pandemic, the event was held online, which initially dampened the expectations. However, it turned out there was no reason to worry, as a great number of participants showed interest even though it would take place online. Almost 100 students from different universities applied to participate in the Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge, of which 60 were accepted.

The students plunged into the two cases with great commitment, curiosity, and a lot of ideas. Despite the fact that the participants were not in the same room and only interacted online, they managed to create an interdisciplinary collaboration at a high level – and it was perceived as spirited and inspiring. Both participants, mentors and judges left the challenge with new ideas, an expanded network and good memories.

As one participant wrote: “First of all a big thank you and heartiest congratulations for an amazing event. […] As someone who is regular at various case competitions; I can say with full confidence that the ‘Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge’ was amongst the most well organized events I have attended. ”

Actory would like to thank all participants, mentors, judges, collaborators, sponsors and everyone else who has shown interest in the event. We are already looking forward to the next Actory case challenge.

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