New business models in fashion and textile

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What is the challenge proposal about?

With a European transition towards a more circular economy, there is a need for new business models in the textile industry as well. Can we consume clothes in new ways, or produce clothes from other materials? There are already models for renting, leasing and swopping clothes. They have not really gotten hold of Denmark yet. These business models would be a huge gain for the planet because it would lead to less production of clothing.

What is the motivation for this challenge

You get the opportunity to work with business models, business practices and people’s relation to clothing. You also learn more about how we spread international concepts to Denmark – or spread existing Danish models. Here we can examine what it takes for Danes to choose more sustainable business models within the textile industry and what we can do to increase the use of the new business models to a greater extent.

What is the relationship between the proposal and sustainability challenges?

The proposal relates, among other things, to resource drafts, chemical pollution and fresh water consumption, as a smaller new production of textiles could have a positive impact in these areas. In addition, there would also be a relation to climate change, as much textile is imported from Asia, and a smaller amount of imported textile provides less transport.

Is the proposal intended for cooperation with a third party?

This challenge can be worked on in a collaboration with Tekstilrevolutionen.

Inspirational material

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