Laboratory Equipment

The Faculty of Health at the University of Copenhagen has initiated a project with the aim of making their laboratories more sustainable. One of the challenges is laboratory equipment such as scales, pipettes, centrifuges or larger machines. When it gets too old or outdated, it is replaced with new, but there is no current strategy for what to do with the old equipment and most therefore end up in a container even though it could potentially be reused or recycled or alternatively donated.

You have the opportunity to come up with ideas for how the University of Copenhagen’s laboratories can become more sustainable when you solve the case:

What can they do with old laboratory equipment so that it becomes a resource rather than waste?

Inspiration to solve the case:

Investigate the possibilities of reusing, recycling, or donating the equipment so that it does not end up as waste. Consider what the possible solutions will require of the staff at the faculty, and how they will be able to implement the solution in everyday life.

During the programme you will meet twice with Nikoline Borgermann from the University of Copenhagen, it will also be possible to visit a laboratory and see which equipment most often ends up as waste.

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