Klima Onsdag – sustainable canteen

Klima Onsdag (Climate Wednesday) is one of several examples on a green idea, that started with a group of students, and was carried on with help from Studenterhuset.

Klima Onsdag was born in Fall 2018, when a group of students dreamt about enforcing one meat-free day a week at the University of Copenhagen. The inspiration came from the etablished concept Meatless Monday, which is a global initiative under several names. You can read more about one of these concepts here.

After one semester with idéa development and adjustments the project group convinced the HUMråd at Faculty of Humanities at Søndre Campus to implement a meat-free day in their canteen.

The concept was launched in Spring 2019 on the whole Søndre Campus as ‘Klima Onsdag’. On this climate Wednesday you will not find any meat or fish at Søndre Campus. Because of some practical matters it wasn’t possible to have the meat-free day on Mondays, and it then became a Wednesday instead, but the concept is the same.

Klima Onsdag is a small contribution to the University of Copenhagen’s work on reducing it’s climate footprint, that was initiated in 2006. Read more about the universities current results here.