Extension of textile life & extended use of clothing

This challenge oroginates from ‘Tekstilrevolutionen’. If you are interested in working on the project, contact us at info@actory.dk.

What is the challenge about?

There is a need for more people to wear their clothes for a longer period of time. Either by getting more people to repair their clothes or by working on the consumption behavior around clothes, as this can help minimize the need for newly produced products. It is especially interesting to work with young people as a target group, as changes in their behavior could create a long-term effect.

The proposal contains two angles
1) Concrete extension of the life of the clothes via repair and changed treatment of the clothes.
2) Working with attitude change: How do we get people to use the clothes they buy many times and not throw out new clothes.
You will be able to combine the two angles or work with one of them.

What is the motivation for this topic

You have the opportunity to work with clothes and textiles in a practical and everyday perspective, and investigate how the individual can extend the use of clothes and textiles in an attractive way. At the same time, you can work with people’s user and buying behavior. There is thus an opportunity for many different solutions and room for creativity.

What is the relationship between the proposal and sustainability challenges?

The proposal works with challenges such as resource extraction, fresh water consumption, chemical pollution.

The proposal is intended for collaboration with Tekstilrevolutionen https://www.tekstilrevolutionen.dk/