Sustainable Festival

Would you like to make KU Festival more sustainable?

On Friday September 17th, KU Festival will once again move into the University Park on Nørre Campus. It will be a day filled with concerts, exciting presentations, committed volunteers, cold draft beer and a party for all employees and students at KU. You can read more about the festival at

When about 16,000 people meet for a party and draft beer, they tend to leave a lot of garbage, cigarette stumps and plastic mugs behind. Every year, the KU Festival works on green solutions for everything from waste management to food, but much more can be done.

Pack the green glasses

Do you want to make KU Festival more sustainable in the future? Join KU Festival as part of a new group that will be a kind of green ‘task force’. In addition to having fun and listening to good music, your role will also be to wear the green glasses and explore what the festival looks like and what elements could be made more sustainable.

After the festival, the task force will collaborate to develop sustainable solutions for the next KU Festival, which takes place in spring 2022. We plan the process and the workload in the group, so that there will be time for what else you need to achieve in your everyday life. But you need to be willing to meet regularly and work on your ideas. Along the way, you will be offered sparring, tools and various professional inputs for your work.

You get an unique opportunity to make your mark at KU Festival, and make a real sustainable difference.

Time schedule

September 8

The task force’s first meeting will be a prep workshop on Wednesday 8 September at 17-19: 30 at Studenterhuset. Here we will get to know each other, talk more about the project and get prepared for the task. Finally, some time is set aside for hygge and to eat some food together.

September 17

The next meeting is at the KU Festival itself on 17 September, where the task force will meet in the afternoon and together explore different areas of the festival. We will agree on time and place at the preparation workshop. It will only take a few hours, but you are of course welcome to stay and experience the festival the rest of the evening on your own terms.

September 28th

We meet again on Tuesday 28 September at 17.00-20.00, where we gather the experiences and start the work, arrange meeting frequency etc.


  • You must be able to set aside time to work with your group on the project in the period September 2021 – May 2022. The time is planned flexibly with respect for exam periods and the like.
  • You should preferably be able to participate in the project throughout the period
  • You must want to work interdisciplinary and with others.

You become part of Actory a community where we shamefully create concrete sustainable change. You get access to Actory’s room at the Student House, with free coffee and the opportunity to work in inspiring surroundings. If you would like to join, but you can not participate one or more of the three days – contact us and we will find a solution


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