Work on sustainable solutions

Actory stands for action. Nobody can do everything – everyone can do something. Join us at Actory and start sustainable change now. Even the small ideas make a mark.

This is Actorys first innovation programme in English. It will be a short programme over 7 weeks with 4 workshops. This programme will be fully online and is open for applications now. If the COVID restrictions allow it you will, however, also get the option to meet up in person in the teams while working on your case. We have great office facilities at Studenterhuset, Købmagergade 52.

What’s in it for you?

When you participate in an innovation programme at Actory you will

  • explore sustainable ideas.
  • meet new people and work in interdisciplinary teams.
  • expand your skills in problem mapping, idea generation, implementation and project management.
  • use your professional competence and knowledge in practice, extend your resume and be able to network.
  • get access to interesting workshops and get new tools.
  • last but not least: get a bunch of great experiences together with other students and have a lot of fun.

Topic – The Food Industry

Worldwide, 1/3 of all food produced is wasted every year. At Actory we believe that waste of food may be considered as one of the biggest challenges our society is facing today. The next topic of the innovation programme will therefore be ‘The Food Industry’.

It’s an interesting industry as it relates to many areas across society, and provides one of the most essential needs for human beings. Within this topic there are a lot of different areas that you can work with. Every sustainable solution from food production to surplus and organic waste streams including eco-friendly packaging or transportation of goods can become your case.

At the beginning of the process you will be presented to some topics and ideas you can work with, but you can also bring your own idea or twist one of the presented to fit your interests. As long as your work topic relates to the “green” aspect of sustainability and the food industry only your own creativity sets the limits.


7th of April – Choose topic

All participants receive a list of possible work topics to choose from. On that basis we will make groups according to interests. It is also possible to sign up as a team or with someone you know prior to the programme, but the teams must be interdisciplinary.

12th of April – Workshop 1

Meet your team, balance expectations & talk about your initial ideas for the topic. From 17.15 – 19.45.

12th of April –  2nd of June – Workshops

In this period you will be invited to 3 workshops, where you will get knowledge, sparring and tools that can help you move on with your project. The workshops will last around 2-3 hours each. At the last workshop, June 2nd, you can share your experiences and new found knowledge with Actory, the other participants and collaboration partners. Further we will discuss the possibility to work further on you project after the innovation programme.

What do we expect of you

It is a short timeframe so it is expected that you find some time to work on your project with your team most weeks. We have estimated that you should be able to spend around 6 hours each week at the project. You are of course welcome to use as many hours as you like.

If the there is an exam or other obligation during the process we will definitely be able to work around that, so don’t let that stop you from participating. Participation in the planned workshops is also expected, as this is to ensure that no one is stuck in their project and that all participants get the help needed.

Besides that we hope you want to be part of an interdisciplinary team, use your creativity and end up with a feeling of accomplishment. We hope to see you ready to take on real life problems and get a part of Actory.

Further information

You can sign up now.  The sign up closes 6th of April at 23:59

The innovation programme will take place online but, if possible, somewhere thought the process you will be able to meet physically at Studenterhuset to work in your team. This means that you can participate even though you are not in Denmark. Participation in the programme is on voluntary basis and you do not obtain ECTS credits.

After the programme ends you can choose to work further on your idea, if you’d like to. Either at Actory – or with support from our helpful partners at the UCPH Innovation Hubs.

If you have any questions, please send an email to or call Ellen 3135 4383.

You can also follow the event on Facebook.

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