Campus Freecycle Station

Freecycling is all about reusing instead of throwing away.

The Campus Freecycle Station project aims to implement a physical space on campus for students to “Give what you have – take what you can use”.

About the idea

The idea comes from the experience of international and exchange students needing everyday items when they arrive and then having to get rid of it once they leave. Some things can be sold but often perfectly useful items end up being thrown out due to convenience and time pressure.

With the Campus Freecycle Station, all students have an easy and convenient place to leave their unwanted useful stuff and potentially find something useful to take for free. Types of items in the Freecycle Station could be books, kitchenware, clothing, board games etc.

Increasing sustainability

Re-using is the most powerful loop of the circular economy as no new input is required and the lifetime of products is simply extended instead of buying new.

The Campus Freecyling Station is not only a tool for students to become more sustainable but also a space for learning about sustainability and hanging out and meeting new people.

The projects needs you

We are looking for motivated UCPH students to join the project! There will be a non-binding info meeting for potential volunteers on Zoom, Wednesday April 14th at 18.00-18.30. Registration not necessary.

If you are interested, please contact Niklas Ludvigsen: