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Case Challenges

A Case Challenge makes it possible for students from different universities to meet and work together on solutions for more sustainable development – in a compact format.

Actorys Case Challenge is a 2-day event that shapes a platform for the students ideas, actions and change for sustainability. The event offers them a voice and the opportunity to present their ideas in front of descision makers from relevant organisations.

At a challenge the students will solve sustainable challenges in interdisciplinary teams. The challenges are real life problems in realtion to sustainability, from peoples everyday life, that are set by some public organisations. The short format makes it possible to join even for students, who only have a limited amount of time.

After the Case Challenge it will be possible to work further with the ideas presented – either in the project grup from the challenge or in a new constallation. Studenterhuset supports the further work through Actory, or by connecting the students to relevant Innovation Hubs, a collaborating partner etc.

Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge

Actorys first ever Case Challenge was held March 12th-13th 2021. The theme for this Case Challenge was ’Ideas for sustainable tourism’. It was held as a collaboration with the Culture- and Leisure Department in Copenhagen, The University of Copenhagen and Actory.

There was a lot of interest in the challenge and 50 students were selected as participants. They were divided into teams and got their case. During the challenge the interdisciplinary groups got sparring, advice and counseling from mentors witin the field of sustainable tourism. At the end of the challenge the groups presented their solutions for a panel of judges and 3 winnig teams were selected – and of course there were prizes.

Because of the pandemic the challenge was held online this year.

Find the event on Facebook here.

More infomation about the first Case Challenge here.

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