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Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge

Roskilde Festival X Actory

For this Autumn’s Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge, we have teamed up with a strong partner in sustainability. Roskilde Festival will present 2 exciting cases that revolve around the reduction and management of waste at the festival.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Roskilde Festival brings together over 130,000 people, all of whom consume and influence the environment – just as setting up the festival does. Roskilde Festival takes responsibility for taking care of the climate, protecting nature and protecting biodiversity very seriously.

They do this especially by lowering their consumption and focusing on responsible purchasing and consumption of water and energy. At the same time, Roskilde Festival applies circular principles to reduce waste volumes and ensure more and better recycling of waste.

What is a Case Challenge?

Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge is an opportunity for students across universities to join forces and work on solutions for a sustainable development – in a compact format. You do not need any specific qualifications or have experience with innovation. We will guide your team through the process and provide the tools and knowledge you need along the way.

Actory’s Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge is a 3-day event that offers a platform for the students ideas and action related to sustainable change. The event gives them a voice and the opportunity to present their ideas in front of decision makers from relevant organizations.

At the challenge the students will solve sustainable challenges in interdisciplinary teams. The challenges are real life problems from people’s everyday life, that are set by some public organizations. The short format makes it possible to join even for students, who only have a limited amount of time.

Last time

In March 2021 we held our first Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge. The theme was ’Ideas for sustainable tourism’. The case challenge was held as a collaboration with the Culture- and Leisure Department in Copenhagen, The University of Copenhagen & Actory.

Find articles about the first Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge here.

Want to take a look at some of the students idea pitches? Find them here.

Language at the challenge2021-07-09T13:23:48+02:00

We aim to make a challenge, that brings together people from all fields of study and also from different countries. Therefore the Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge will be held in English.

What is the topic of the upcoming challenge?2021-09-28T19:59:52+02:00

For this autumn’s Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge, we have teamed up with a strong partner in sustainability. Roskilde Festival will present 2 exciting cases that revolve around the reduction and management of waste at the festival. More info will follow soon.

What happens after the challenge?2021-07-09T13:24:21+02:00

You are very welcome to continue working on your idea at Actory, if you want to.

Does it cost anything to attend?2021-07-09T13:24:38+02:00

No, the event is free of charge.

About COVID-192021-07-09T13:24:53+02:00

We expect the pandemic to be under control in Denmark by November. So this time we are leaving the screen to meet up in real life at The Old University Library in Fiolstræde and solve challenges together, face to face. Of course we will establish a safe environment for all participants – we look much forward to welcoming you.

What about food?2021-07-09T13:25:10+02:00

There will be food and beverages for all teams during the challenge.

Who holds the rights to the idea my team creates?2021-07-09T13:25:28+02:00

When an idea is created and presented at the challenge, everyone can subsequently use the idea.

Do you and/or your team want to work on the idea after the challenge is over?

We can help you move forward in the process.

Do the solutions have to be commercial?2021-07-09T13:25:44+02:00

Not at all. All solutions are welcome.

When do I get notified whether I am selected as participant or not?2021-07-09T13:26:00+02:00

After the application deadline we will go through all applications and select, who will be invited to Copenhagen Sustainability Challenge. We will get back to you on email soon hereafter and let you know if you are accepted. Right now the application is not open yet. Register here and we’ll notify you when registration opens.

We focus on having diverse and motivated teams – which we will be our focus in the selection process

Is the challenge open for all students?2021-08-02T11:35:16+02:00

All students at Bachelor, Master or Ph.d level – from all educational institutions / universities – can  apply.
We have a limited amount of seats and will therefore choose between the incoming applications in case the number of applicants exceeds our capasity.

Do I need specific qualifications or experience to participate?2021-07-09T13:26:36+02:00

No, you don’t need any specific qualifications or experience to participate. We have a team of mentors and facilitators, who will support your team in the process.

Can we sign up as a team?2021-07-09T13:26:53+02:00

No, we will put together the teams.

How many people in each team?2021-07-09T13:27:09+02:00

There will be 4-6 persons in each team.

How much time am I expected to spend on the challenge?2021-08-02T10:42:56+02:00

You must be present for the entire challenge – the specific time table is released later – but the challenge will start Friday around lunch and last until Sunday. Of course there will be breaks as well.

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